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hitori botchi [alone] by Siiees hitori botchi [alone] :iconsiiees:Siiees 0 0 same [shark] by Siiees same [shark] :iconsiiees:Siiees 2 5 ude [arm] by Siiees ude [arm] :iconsiiees:Siiees 2 0 oyogimasu [swimming] by Siiees oyogimasu [swimming] :iconsiiees:Siiees 0 0 odori [dancing] by Siiees odori [dancing] :iconsiiees:Siiees 1 0 e [drawings] by Siiees e [drawings] :iconsiiees:Siiees 0 0 Kaitou [unfreeze] by Siiees Kaitou [unfreeze] :iconsiiees:Siiees 2 0 Dokkyo [Alone] by Siiees Dokkyo [Alone] :iconsiiees:Siiees 5 2 Etainoshirenai [Incomprehensible] by Siiees Etainoshirenai [Incomprehensible] :iconsiiees:Siiees 0 0 Te [Hands] by Siiees Te [Hands] :iconsiiees:Siiees 2 0 Mimikazari [earrings] by Siiees Mimikazari [earrings] :iconsiiees:Siiees 1 0 Waku [frame] by Siiees Waku [frame] :iconsiiees:Siiees 1 0 Chuudoku [poisoned] by Siiees Chuudoku [poisoned] :iconsiiees:Siiees 0 0 Ureshii [happy] by Siiees Ureshii [happy] :iconsiiees:Siiees 0 0 Riyou-shi [barber] by Siiees Riyou-shi [barber] :iconsiiees:Siiees 0 0 Hakushou [Swans] by Siiees Hakushou [Swans] :iconsiiees:Siiees 4 2



hitori botchi [alone]
"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."

"Acabo de comprar uma tv a cabo
Acabo de entrar na solidão a cabo"

same [shark]
"Like many kids, I used to pretend all sorts of things. I would climb into a tree and imagine that I was on an island, that the grass below we was an ocean, that the leaves were the fins of sharks. Perhaps unlike many people, I never really stopped. I still have a childlike predisposition to fantasise and share my fantasies."
ude [arm]
"You know sit with your arm around a little kid and read. It not only teaches them to read but it keeps the family strong."
odori [dancing]
"All the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from a lack of skill at dancing."
e [drawings]
"The University of Nebraska says that elderly people that drink beer or wine at least four times a week have the highest bone density. They need it - they're the ones falling down the most."
Kaitou [unfreeze]
"Mindfulness helps us freeze the frame so that we can become aware of our sensations and experiences as they are, without the distorting coloration of socially conditioned responses or habitual reactions."
Dokkyo [Alone]
"We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone."
Etainoshirenai [Incomprehensible]
"People are strange, when you're a stranger\ Faces look ugly when you're alone\Women seem wicked\When you're unwanted\Streets are uneven, when you're down\When you're strange\Faces come out of the rain\When you're strange\No one remembers your name\When you're strange"
Te [Hands]
Designed with the beginning artist in mind, this entry-level explains the basics of hands, and challenges the student to think about how the various parts of the hand come together to form an organic and expressive tool.
Mimikazari [earrings]
"Earrings can also be wonderful conversation starters."
Waku [frame]
"we attempt to explore some of the implications of Relational Frame Theory in specific domains"
Ureshii [happy]
"Blur smiles thinking how happy he has become simply by making her happy"
Riyou-shi [barber]
"If decided later on that we wanted our barber's license, we would have to study for the barber's test. However, it was mandatory to have a GED or diploma to receive your barber's license and to take the test."
Hakushou [Swans]
"One critic found the swans' waltz especially elegant"
Tsukareta [tired]
You know, I never did like a mustache, and when he had that snapshot taken he was wearing a mustache...
The mustache guy used to say, "He who is tired is tired of life"
Omotcha [toy]
"Pretend play have important functions in human develop"
Tomodachi [friends]
Started smoking cigarettes the day his cat died. He drove to the local 7-11, asked for a pack of Stupid Camel (he remembered his friends in college smoking that brand), and not waited until he got back home before he lit one.


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